No competitions took place in 2020 due to Covid19

Johnston's Trophy:

2014 Ann Anderson and Ron Hathorn

2015 Ann Anderson and Ron Hathorn

2016 Barbara Pettit and Mike Atkinson

2017 Ann Anderson and Ron Hathorn

2018 Barbara Pettit and Mike Atkinson

2019 Laraine Keating  and Bill Keating


Ladies' Singles:

2014 Ann Anderson

2015 Ann Anderson

2016 No competition held

2017  Sue Wareing

2018 and 2019 (No competition)


Men's Singles:

2014 Ron Hathorn

2015 Bill Keating

2016 Bill Keating

2017  Norrie MacLeod

2018  and 2019 (No competition)


Priory Trophy:

2014  Ann Anderson and  Angela Taylor

2015  Paul Ellis and Chez Jordas

2016  Rose Bridson and Alan Anderson

2017  Teri Butler and Bill Keating

2018  Laraine Keating and Maggie Moseley


Pettit Trophy:

2014  Dot Morton and Ann Anderson

2015  Erline Robinson and Stephen Schofield

2016  Laraine Keating and Paul Ellis

2017  Hilary Farnsworth and Shane Barron

2018  Ann Anderson and Roy Hill

Ladies' Doubles

2016  Ann Anderson and Lorna Schofield

2017  Audrey Silvester and Rose Bridson

2018  and 2019 no competition

Men's Doubles

2016  Paul Ellis and Martin Gregory

2017  Mark Heywood and Laurie Scullard

2018 and 2019 no competition